If you’re struggling with lupus, you may want to consider seeing a naturopath who specialises in this autoimmune disease. Meet Leah, a naturopath with a personal connection to lupus – both her mother and son have been diagnosed with the condition. With this unique perspective, Leah brings a deep understanding of the challenges faced by lupus patients and a passion for helping them achieve optimal health. Her personalised approach to lupus care incorporates a range of natural therapies, from dietary modifications and herbal remedies to mind-body practices and stress management techniques. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living with lupus for years, Leah can provide the support and guidance you need to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Contact us to learn more about how Leah can help you with your lupus journey.

Naturopath for Blood disorders

Naturopath for blood disordersAnemia:Thrombocytopenia:Hemophilia:Leukemia:Naturopath Treatment listNutritional support Supportive lifestyle programsCommon Causes of Low IronHeavy Periods Naturopath for blood disorders As a naturopath, I have seen firsthand how naturopathy benefits patients…


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Histamines – what they can mean for you

What are histamine? Histamines are a chemical that our bodies immune system makes in response to allergen’s or inflammation. Histamines can also be involved in our nervous systems, our sleep…

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