Histamines – what they can mean for you

What are histamine?

Histamines are a chemical that our bodies immune system makes in response to allergen’s or inflammation.
Histamines can also be involved in our nervous systems, our sleep patterns and immune system.

What do histamines do to our body?

Histamines can be a good thing. For example hitamines tell our stomach cells to make acid.They help our brain know when to stay awake and when to sleep.

Histamines also protect us from foreign things such as dust, pollens or poisons. When our immune system discovers a foreign invader for want of a better term. The immune cells called B- cells make IgE antibodies. These IgE antibodies spread throughout the body, telling other immune cells about specific invaders to look for.
Eventually mast cells and basophils pick up the IgE’s and become sensitized. When they come in contact with a target invader…They use histamine and other inflammatory chemical

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When histamines go wrong in your body, they can cause a range of undesirable symptoms. In conditions such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, or histamine intolerance, histamines may be released inappropriately, leading to inflammation, itching, swelling, hives, nasal congestion, headaches, digestive issues, and other discomforts. In more severe cases, histamine can cause anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. Understanding the underlying cause of histamine imbalances and implementing appropriate interventions such as dietary changes, supplements, medication, or stress management techniques can help manage the symptoms and restore balance to your immune system.

Leah, a skilled naturopath and nutritionist who provides telehealth services, offers valuable assistance in addressing histamine imbalances and supporting individuals in managing symptoms associated with histamine intolerance or excessive histamine release. With a holistic approach, Leah focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of histamine issues, going beyond symptom relief. Through telehealth consultations, she thoroughly evaluates factors such as diet, lifestyle, gut health, and immune function to create personalised treatment plans tailored to each individual. Leah may recommend dietary adjustments to reduce histamine intake and support the body’s ability to break down histamines effectively. Additionally, she provides guidance on supplements, herbal remedies, stress management techniques, and lifestyle modifications to alleviate histamine-related symptoms. Leah’s expertise in naturopathy and nutrition, combined with the convenience of telehealth, empowers individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their unique needs and take significant strides towards achieving optimal histamine regulation and overall well-being.