What does a naturopath do?

What does a naturopath do?

Naturopathy is an alternative method of health care.

It combines traditional medications that have stood the test of time with scientific-based modern herbal medicines. 

As a holistic healthcare practitioner, a naturopath specialises in using natural therapies to promote health and well-being. This can be for a wide range of conditions.

Leah is a qualified licensed naturopath, she has a Bachelor in Health Science majoring in naturopathy.

Her university training included anatomy, physiology, bioscience, researching evidence based practice, biochemistry, pathophysiology and clinical diagnosis and pharmacology (how medications and herbs may interact)

What happens at a naturopath consultation?

Naturopaths like Leah, use a variety of techniques. This may include herbal medicine, nutritional counselling, iridology, blood tests and lifestyle advice.  Leah uses these tests to confirm her diagnosis and develop a treatment protocol specifically for helping her patients achieve optimal health.

Leah includes a long get to know you consultation, iridology and a variety of tests  to provide you with a realistic treatment plan 

There are 6 main principles that a naturopath uses.


1. The healing power of nature.

Nature has the ability to regenerate itself through amazing design. All living things create, maintain, repair  and destroy in perfect balance. This all without us humans getting involved in the process.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal, they also have the ability to create, maintain, repair and destroy. By using things such as fresh air, sunlight, exercise, clean diets, fresh water, relaxation and a good nights sleep. 

My job as a naturopath is to encourage good habits and support you with tonics and supplements. Thereby helping support you to avoid disease and heal from disease. 

2. Identify and treat the cause.

Have your ever been to the doctor and they just prescribe medications and don’t try to find the cause?  

I have. It frustrates me.

As a naturopath, I try to find out why. Why is your body giving this warning sign that something is wrong?

For example. High blood pressure. 

Sure a tablet can lower it and will probably save your life in the immediate future. However why, what is going on?

Do you need to make some changes to your diet? 

Do you have an underlying health condition?

As a naturopath I will dig deeper and find out the why and how to reverse if possible.

3. Treat the whole body 

It’s all very well to have a quick consultation to treat one condition. But, unless you treat the whole person the healing process will be minimal.

That is why at our first consultation we allow an hour. That way I can really get to know you and most of what is happening now and in the past with your health. 

I will work with your doctor, any blood tests, iridology, your personal likes and dislikes as well as any limitations you have.

4. Do no harm

As a naturopath I must have a good understanding of the disease that is affecting you. Any prescription or herbal medications that you are taking and any interactions that may happen. 

Unfortunately, as in all industries, there are a few naturopaths that have had bad practises and given my industry a bad name. 

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. There are a lot of dangers in using herbs and supplement.  A qualified naturopath will always be unto date with he latest standards and double check everything. 

Make sure if you see a naturopath they are a member of a recognised association.

Leah is a registered member of   ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

5. Doctor as teacher 

As a naturopath Leah likes to educate you and explain the why, what and how.

  • Why do you need to make changes or take a particular supplement or herbal tonic?
  • What causes a disorder and what do you need to do?
  • How your body is reacting to a disorder or imbalance and how to fix it.

6. Prevention

By having your body at its peak you can prevent health conditions.

Did you know that some of the biggest causes of death in Australia are preventable with diet and lifestyle changes?

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Some cancers