Nutritionist Weight Loss

Nutritionist Weight loss

As a nutritionist, I am really concerned with healthy eating. If you eat healthy then you will lose weight. 

As a naturopath, I notice that persons who struggle to lose weight often have an underlying health condition. 

The advantage of consulting with me is that I don’t just provide a diet and leave you to it. 

I work with you to develop a diet that is realistic and within what you are willing to do. I also can advise you on supplements or herbs to assist with any other conditions you have.

Fads and gimmicks

No, I don’t have any fad diets or gimmicks. As a grandma, I have seen so many.

I have always been someone who has always struggled with weight. I have tried a lot of them. They don’t work.

Let me work with you to be healthy with real food suggestions.

Looking for some recipes?  I am constantly updating so check back in or email Leah direct for a specific recipe.

History of successful patients

Meet Kristi. She had struggled with eating healthy, losing weight and an underlying health condition. Within a few months, she was feeling healthier, had more energy and lost weight.

Health reset -nutritionist weight loss

What conditions cause weight gain ?

The most common cause of weight gain is more going in than out. 

However, there are a few conditions that contribute to weight gain and one may need more than just a diet and exercise routine.

Online Nutritionist for weight loss

Yes, Leah is available for weight loss nutritionist online consultation. 

Make a booking now (rebates are available for some health funds)