Simply Dressings: Effortless Recipes for Delicious Salad Dressings

These are my favourite salad dressings. 

“But”, I hear you ask, “Shouldn’t I have my salad naked if I want to lose weight or be happy.” 

It is very difficult to eat salads that a dry and uninteresting. A little dressing can make a salad go from ok to amazing.

You may be already aware but olive oils are an antioxidant. That means it can neutralise harmful free radicals in your body, thus protecting cells from oxidative stress and reducing the risk of chronic illness.


Dijon salad dressing
Easy but super tasty salad dressing. This is one of my family's favourite salad dressing
Lemon and balsamic dressing
This is one of the first dressings I remember making as a child.
Yogurt salad Dressing
Sometimes a creamy salad dressing is required and this tried and true recipe is popular in the top restaurants in the world