Perimenopause Symptom Tracker

Why do we need a perimenopause symptom tracker ?

Have you ever heard "It must be perimenopause"

It seems once  we hit about 35-40 years of age no matter what symptoms we have everyone diagnoses it first as ” It must be perimenopause”

Has that happened to you? 

Feeling hot ….. maybe you have started menopause

Being in a mood … either its PMS or maybe you have started menopause 

An ache or pain .. maybe its menopause

Not sleeping .. have you thought that maybe you have started peri-menopause

Weight gain … etc etc

You get the picture I am sure, or you have had it happen to you. I know I have. 

One of my suppliers has produced this easy symptom tracker you can download. 

Of course, if you need some help with those symptom  please reach out to me for an appointment.


Click on this link to download your free PDF Perimenopause Symptom Tracker