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What is a naturopath?

A naturopath is a person who uses natural medicines, herbs, supplements, diets and lifestyles to help a person be the healthiest they can be. Naturopaths are also known as natural healers, complementary health practitioners and alternative health practitioners.

Naturopaths aim to help educate their patients to make better decisions regarding their health and diet. 

Leah is a naturopath and nutritionist so she is able to help you with your diet as well.


What to expect from naturopath consultation?

During your initial naturopath consultation with Leah, an experienced naturopath and nutritionist, you can expect a comprehensive and personalised session lasting approximately one hour.

Leah will dedicate this time to truly understanding your health concerns, medical history, lifestyle factors, and individual goals. Through attentive listening and insightful questioning, she will gather the necessary information to conduct a thorough assessment of your overall well-being and take a photo of your iris to do iridology.

Based on this assessment, Leah will develop a tailored health protocol designed to address your specific needs.

Following the initial consultation, you will have a half-hour protocol appointment with Leah.

In this session, she will provide you with a detailed plan that may include recommendations for dietary changes, targeted supplements, and herbal remedies.

With her expertise in naturopathic medicine, Leah will carefully explain the rationale behind each recommendation and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

She will work collaboratively with you, taking into consideration your preferences and lifestyle, to ensure the protocol is realistic and achievable.

Leah’s commitment to your well-being extends beyond the consultation and protocol appointments. She will be available to support you throughout your journey, providing guidance, monitoring progress, and making any necessary adjustments to your protocol as needed.

With Leah as your trusted practitioner, you can expect personalised care, evidence-based recommendations, and a compassionate approach to help you achieve optimal health and vitality.

What sort of questions are asked at a naturopath consutlation?

Naturopaths ask you questions about your sleep, stress levels, energy levels, diet, digestion, stools, urine, sex libido and pain plus more. 
  • What are your goals?
  • What would you like to do naturally?
  • Do you have challenges with food, meal preparations and family commitments?
  • Any underlying health conditions or medications?
  • How much stress do you have?
  • How do you sleep?

Some people find it a little confronting the first time. 

These questions and answers are asked so that they can get a really good idea about what is happening or not happening in your body.

What can a naturopath test for?

A naturopath can test for food intolerances and allergies, gut microbiome, histamines and hormones. Pretty much anything you can think of. If I was to include everything on this list it would go for 3 pages.

Are naturopaths covered by medicare in Australia?

Unfortunately, since 1 April 2019 Medicare and Health Insurance in Australia stopped subsidising Naturopaths. So no naturopaths are not covered by medicare in Australia. 

Some health funds do cover nutritionist consultations.

Can a naturopath consultation via a video link (online) zoom?

Yes. Leah offers face-to-face and online naturopath consultation on  Zoom, Facetime or Skype. Also Telephone consultations. 

For the benefit of being able to do some of the analysis and testing Leah would prefer to have the first consultation face to face, but with current health concerns appreciates that is not always possible. 


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Naturopath and nutritionist Leah has a motto of no judgement and realistic goals. 

As a mum and grandma Leah has university science-backed training and life experience to help support you to reach your health goals. 


Naturally with Leah’s naturopathic and nutritionist clinic is at 

8/31 Dwyer St North Gosford.

Online naturopath consultation is also available

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Why do naturopaths cost so much?

A naturopath in Australia to be accepted into an association has to have a high level of training. Leah has spent 6 years at university to receive her qualifications. She also needs to do hours of ongoing training every year to keep up with the every changing research.

Leah has university level qualifications as a naturopath and nutritionist.

Like a doctor, she has to be aware of most conditions and the medications that a doctor would prescribe and also be aware of any interactions any supplements or herbs would have with that condition or medications.

Unlike a doctor who may spend 8-15 minutes with you, Leah will spend an hour with you, plus time doing an iridology analysis after your appointment and preparing a personalised program for you.

Without all this extra training and support you maybe wasting time and money on treatments that really are not going to work for you.




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Online naturopath Courses

Leah, a seasoned naturopath and nutritionist, is thrilled to announce her upcoming series of online courses that cover a diverse range of topics including menopause, gut health, and ADHD. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise in holistic wellness, Leah has carefully curated these courses to provide comprehensive insights and practical strategies for individuals navigating these specific health concerns. Whether you’re experiencing the hormonal shifts of menopause, seeking to optimize your gut health, or looking for effective strategies to manage ADHD symptoms, these courses offer a holistic and personalized approach. Leah’s no-judgment philosophy ensures a supportive learning environment where participants can explore evidence-based naturopathic principles, lifestyle modifications, targeted nutrition plans, and natural remedies. By focusing on realistic goals and sustainable practices, Leah empowers course attendees to make informed choices and take control of their health. With these online courses, individuals have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, connect with a like-minded community, and embark on a transformative journey towards improved well-being and vitality.

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